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Published:July 31st, 2010 11:38 EST

Anglican Priest Offers Communion To A Dude... And His Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Anglican priest is facing the wrath of some in Canada`s Christian community after she offered holy communion to a man... and his dog.

dogMarguerite Rea has apologized for the incident, which occurred last month, but it provoked anger and offense among some in the country`s Anglican community.

`Communion to a dog is not something that will ever happen to our or any Bible-believing Christian church anywhere in the world," said Cheryl Chang, chancellor of the Anglican Network in Canada.

The controversy occurred last month, when Donald Keith, 56, walked into St. Peter`s Church in downtown Toronto for the first time, accompanied by his four-year-old German Shepherd, Trapper.

Rea, an interim priest at the church, welcomed the pair inside, and when it came time to offer Keith holy communion, Trapper followed and was allowed to participate in the ceremony. - AFP

This wasn`t a publicity seeking stunt or an attempt to embarrass the Anglican church. It was a spur-of-the-moment happening that brought a smile to an old parishioner who witnessed the incident. I`m sure it also brought a smile to the Great Dog Lover In The Sky.

It`s not a strange or unknown concept for a church to open its doors to man`s best friend. The Calvary Episcopal Church in Massachusetts has a "Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, the faithful are allowed to bring their pooches to the worship service.

I`m convinced that canines are spiritual beings, when I come home from work my dogs slobber all over me. If that`s not a demonstration of love and spiritually, I give up!

I hope the minister doesn`t get in trouble, as far as I`m concerned every church, temple and mosque should welcome pooches with open arms.

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