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Published:August 30th, 2010 14:00 EST
pope bendict

Pope Isn't Going To Get Much Love When He Visits England

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pope Benedict will be confronted by posters on London`s famous red buses during his trip to the British capital next month which will call for the ordination of women priests.
Protests are planned throughout his four-day trip to England and Scotland, the first papal visit since John Paul II`s pastoral visit in 1982 and the first-ever official papal visit to Britain.


One group of women, Catholic Women`s Ordination (CWO), will have its message plastered on the side of the buses as they travel along key routes, including past Westminster Hall, at the Palace of Westminster, where the pope is set to deliver a speech to Britain`s civic society on September 17."- Reuters

Religious leaders shouldn`t be exempt from ridicule and criticism, certainly the reactionary pope has earned his fair share of contempt.

The pontiff is head of a patriarchal organization that treats women like second-class citizens, and whenever he visits a democracy it`s incumbent on everyone who cherishes human rights to give him an earful.

It`s impossible to ignore London`s iconic red buses, and the head of the Roman Catholic Church is bound to see the posters demanding equality for women.

Catholic women demanding equality aren`t the only ones who will be protesting the pontiff, humanists, secularists, and gay rights activists will also be protesting his visit.

The next time that the pope comes to America, let`s follow the example of our British brethren and make his visit a living hell. We should hold up signs demanding the ordination of women priests, and the banishment of pedophile priests.

Anyone who welcomes the pope with cheers and treats him like a rock star is complicit in the myriad sins of the Roman Catholic Church.

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