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Published:December 22nd, 2006 07:22 EST
Black Holes - What are they?

Black Holes - What are they?

By Yash Todi

This term defines a land of dark matter with such a strong gravitational pull that not even light can escape it .Not much is known about black holes. They are said to be void and flat like a disc. Their presence can only be detected by the gamma radiations they emit. Around 20 years ago, it was believed that black holes only suck in objects and do not emit anything. Now, that has changed. It is now believed that black holes emit Gamma Radiations, which can be detected with highly sensitive instruments.

No one has ever visited a black hole. However, it is believed that time will be frozen for a person on the black hole. It is also believed that a person standing inside a black hole will stand still but the person watching the person inside the black hole would assume that the man inside is moving round and round. Let us take into consideration an astronaut in a space shuttle and another on a black hole, for the astronaut present on the black hole, time would be frozen for him, in other words, time will stop for him. Whereas, for the person in the shuttle, the astronaut in the black hole would be swirling into nothingness.

THEORY- The edge of a black hole is called event horizon and each black hole is said to have a singularity in its center. Now if the astronaut present on the black hole misses the singularity or doesn’t pass through it, he travels through it (the black hole acts as a worm hole) and is teleported from one part of the universe to another, maybe some other dimension. However, a singularity is so dark that it is nearly impossible to see a singularity. Therefore, he may be elongated like spaghetti and torn apart. There is another that supports the presence of a white hole. It sucks the emissions of the black hole.