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Published:April 27th, 2007 02:45 EST
CloudSat Standard Data Products Released to Science Community

CloudSat Standard Data Products Released to Science Community

By SOP newswire


The CloudSat Data Processing Center (DPC) has released a Beta version of the final 3 Standard Data Products (2B-CWC-RO, 2B-TAU, 2B-FLXHR). These data are now available to the general science community. (The above image is ice water content from 2B-CWC-RO on 15 Oct 2006.)

It is important for all users to note that these three products, as well as all of the CloudSat Standard Products in release 03 (identified in the filename as "_R03_" ) are provisional products that are still undergoing validation by the CloudSat Science Team. These products will be superseded by Release 04 on/about July 2007 and will, at that time, address known issues and other findings from the results of ongoing validation efforts during the remainder of our first year of data collection. In particular, the CWC, TAU, and FLXHR products are only released at this time for the period of 15 Oct-15 Nov 2006 to allow the science community to become familiar with them and to do their own quantitative assessment of these initial CloudSat products.

All data users are asked to review the known issues page of the Data Processing Center website and become familiar with these issues before using the results in publications or presentations. In addition, please report any additional anomalies or questions to the DPC via email or the contact page.