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Published:September 10th, 2008 12:23 EST - Science in the 21st century - Science in the 21st century

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A wide forum for science - on an interdisciplinary, international and individual level., the only universal online portal for science, advanced teaching and academic research, bridges a major gap in scientific research and learning. is a virtual conference room, lecture hall, laboratory, library and meeting venue all in one. It offers new methods of scientific presentation, scientific discourse and academic knowledge transfer by using video clips, audio extracts and text features. Research groups can be formed in the interests of academic networking. Science is thereby linked to a global network, and finally made accessible to a broader worldwide public.

The three founders of are Sebastian Burmester, Marko Bubke-Chau and Dr. Heiko Krueger from Einheit.Berlin GmbH. They claim, "There has never been a nything comparable to this portal. combines all imaginable features of presenting, exchanging and discussing science."

Globalization has long since made its impact in the academic world. The framework of a university is much too narrow for registering success in the world of work. Modern means of communication offer new horizons for scientific teaching and research, stretching well beyond the limits imposed by individual sciences and institutions. is a multilingual, globally operating portal, which delivers answers to the pressing scientific questions in this age of globalization, without having to bow to any rigid constraints in terms of time or place.

Students also have much to gain from Within a few clicks they are able to keep direct track of events conducted by top-quality lecturers and professors from all over the world. As the founders of put it, "This is like having a piece of Harvard in Berlin, and at the same time having a piece of Berlin at Harvard."

Whether members prefer to operate in an unlimited worldwide community or within select circles chosen by themselves, offers users a unique means of finding answers to any questions raised in terms of scientific teaching, learning and practice for the 21st century. enables the following key features:

- Posting and accessing video and audio features (for instance, conferences, lectures,
  presentations, interviews, reportages, documentary pieces, discussions)                                          
- Posting and accessing text features (for instance, scientific evaluations, documentation,
  details of study, lecture scripts
- Comprehensive sharing functions: creating and updating a profile page or platforms,
  for instance, for institutions, research institutes, scientific publishers, businesses or individuals
- Creating groups in various subject areas
- Commenting upon, evaluating and providing an external framework for all media
- Communicating by mail, networking function
- Complete indexing of contents
- Comprehensive search facilities
- Creating lists of favorites
- German and English (shortly also French and Spanish) language versions


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