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Published:September 23rd, 2008 08:41 EST
Ringtone About Large Hadron Collider Big Hit

Ringtone About Large Hadron Collider Big Hit

By Robert Paul Reyes

Many rap stars make almost as much money from the sale of ringtones as they do from the sale of singles. These ringtones sing the praises of partying, crunkin`, gang banging, drinking and getting your freak on.

But the hottest ringtone doesn`t exalt hedonism or nihilism, it promotes physics and the virtues of CERN`s Large Hadron Collider. It almost makes me feel like I`ve been beamed to an alternate universe where everything is upside down.

Finally a ringtone that this fuddy-duddy columnist won`t be ashamed of downloading. When my phone rings everyone will know that I am one funky old dude with a love for physics.

But I`m afraid that such a unique ringtone may open a wormhole to another universe.

I received the following email alerting me to this fantastic ringtone:

"I wanted to alert you to an official ringtone based off the rap that`s become an overnight sensation on YouTube with close to three million views, which your readers can now download for free!

This ultra-geeky ringtone, provided by FunMobility, is a great way for physics fans to mark the unveiling of the LHC discovery machine that is attempting to usher in a new era of understanding about the Big Bang theory and the origins and evolution of the universe.

Now , the makers of the famous Shaq/Kobe Rap Ringtone have now released the official (yes that`s right, we got permission) Hadron Particle Rap Ringtone for all of your readers who want to take the song on the go with them."

All you old fogies go to FunMo.Com and check it out, and join the ringtone generation.