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Published:February 14th, 2010 20:12 EST
Super Thermite in World Trade Center Dust?

Super Thermite in World Trade Center Dust?

By Ron G Anselm


     Long since the twin towers were brought down by hostile terrorist acts against our country, numerous ongoing investigations have taken place in the weeks and months after 9/11 happened. One investigation by scientist has led to the possible discovery of Active Thermite " material in the dust samples at the twin towers site but no concrete evidence has been found to support or even say that there was Active Thermite material found in the dust samples at the World Trade Center site. The active Thermite material supposedly found consisted of red and gray chips or in this case an un-reacted pyrotechnic explosive.

       Thermite has more than one use but is mostly used in steel wielding, Fourth of July firework shows, and in the manufacturing of hand grenades. The chemical in Thermite react in the theory of the chemical compounds produce a very high temperature which the high temperature is focused in a very small area for a very short period. This reaction is the result of the metal powder and metal oxide combined.

     Basically the concept behind Active Thermite and is mainly describe as a compound to form pyrotechnics or explosives. The Thermite that is commercially sold normally reacts as an incendiary when ignited but when all the ingredients are ultra-fine grained and very finely mixed, the compound of Thermite starts to react very fast and even at that time with the chemical reaction of the ultra fine grained, it even becomes explosive. This process is sometimes referred to as Super Thermite ".

     There has been many various theories as to why the Twin Towers were brought down by the impact of the planes slamming into them when these towers were supposed to have been able to handle just about any force hitting them. Some of the theories by some of the past scientist say that the burning jet fuel was the main culprit in the collapse of the Twin Towers but no confirmed or substantial evidence or reports have proved this theory. It sounds like there is lots more tests still to be done and more investigations that are ongoing to support this theory of Active Thermite being found.