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Published:February 28th, 2010 17:01 EST

The Problem With Evolution (Part Two)

By Henry Ocansey

The Reasons Why Evolution Is Not True 

Shakespeare would call the theory of evolution a comedy of errors. A human being with their eyes closed will find it quite difficult to turn a slab of clay into the shape of a basketball, even though they have hands and a mind to make structural judgments. Why then would any grown person believe the planets were put together by lifeless gravity?


  Many scientists are like Autistic Savants, who have a great disparity between one form of intelligence and another. Many of them are logically challenged. The scientific theory of evolution is a shot in the dark. People should rely on sound reason, if they have it, when reading these primitive theories. But I believe many people are blinded by the modern accomplishments of science and cannot understand that no one has every kind of intelligence. And scientists surely do not posses every kind of intelligence. There is spiritual intelligence; mathematical intelligence; emotional intelligence and so forth. Scientists have created many useful medicines the last one hundred years, and they certainly could have used a dose of common sense when they formulated their theory of evolution.

   Genes and chromosomes are like computer programs. They did not program themselves and likewise computer programs did not illogically program themselves. Their genesis is by someone greater than them. Genes and chromosomes did not decide on their own to go on a wild journey of transforming one species to another. Their abilities were built into them. The writers of evolution are foolish by nature because they have observed nature and have seen a work of art, a rose; a sunset; a peacock but sadly they could not understand that all art has an artist.

The Problem With Evolution