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Published:July 4th, 2010 23:18 EST
Body World Display Educates More Than Grosses You Out

Body World Display Educates More Than Grosses You Out

By Tony Graff

A friend who`s a massage therapist invited me to join her for the Denver Museums display of Body Worlds. This sounded cool. Her explaining it to me both intrigued me and sent a little pang of nervousness for me. These were actually human bodies that had been turned into a display. Real people, that had donated their bodies to science. 

I could see how this would gross some people out, or even throw out the desecration of the dead rant I`ve heard before. However, all this wasn`t enough to stop me from joining my friend for Body Worlds. 

What I actually saw astounded me. Every display renewed my awe and wonder at the complexities of the human body. Using a process called plastination, the veins, muscles, and brains had been preserved forever, creating an opportunity for us to learn, and understand. 
Despite the awe and wonder I felt throughout this display, there were some things displayed that did make me nervous. All the sexual organs were left on the individuals, which I`m sure posed some odd questions from little kids, and make teenagers and college students giggle. But the overall experience was worth it. 
The final bodies they had placed on display was the "Juxtaposed Bodies." A male and female body were positioned in a very intimate, but non-sexual, pose. This had something akin to a spiritual feeling for me. It was very powerful, and I have to thank the creators of this display.