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Published:July 30th, 2006 05:55 EST
The Battle of the Bands - Featuring Dead by Day

The Battle of the Bands - Featuring Dead by Day

By SOP newswire

deadbyday is the world`s foremost horror ensemble. Dark, somber melodies and pulverizing rhythms in addition to complex time changes are all embodiments of every memorable deadbyday composition. The unique style is created by combining different elements of all metal- namely traditional, black, power, and death with industrial, gothic, and classical music. Song themes deal with both real life and imagined horror, historic events, the human psyche, the impact of religion, bizarre subject matter, as well as paying tribute to great artists, composers, and innovators.

Today`s state-of-the-art special makeup effects are utilized to create an ungodly and unforgettable carnival / horror show, certain to leave a lasting impression on anyone in attendance. deadbyday strives to create something entirely new and original, both morbidly beautiful and explicitly obscene- a twisted, surreal, and uncompromisingly honest reflection on our lives...


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