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Published:February 2nd, 2010 22:33 EST
poopoo man

'Have You Seen Jesus' George Clinton' Jr.

By SOP newswire2
have you seen jesus

I know by now we have all heard about the passing of our brother George Clinton`s son George Jr.. I also know with the resent passing of his mother too his heart must be in a lot of pain. But with the love of God and the love of all of us, we can help him pull though these tough times.

george clinton

So I`d like to send out to him as well as all of you my only Gospel song I`ve ever cut. when my mother passed away. It was hard for me to bear, but somehow, this song, just came to me [Have you seen Jesus], and now, when someone passing away that I know and I love, I think about it. So I would like to send it out my dear brother George Clinton, who has done so much for me and many other`s, and you, as well .

May God bless you George and keep you strong. 

Much love,

 Gene Anderson aka The Poo Poo Man