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Published:February 13th, 2010 20:21 EST

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Jace Hall with 'I Play W.O.W.'

By SOP newswire2
I Play W.O.


Jace Hall, executive producer of ABC-TV`s hit drama V: The Series and creator and star of IGN.COM`s hit web series THE JACE HALL SHOW tells all the critics and haters of video games and game players TO KISS MY ASS with the release on his latest song "I PLAY W.O.W.`
I Play W.O.W. " from Hall`s forth-coming EP titled VIDEO GAMES AIN`T BAD FOR YOU (available on iTunes) speaks to the millions of people who love playing video games. As any gamer knows, video games can be a positive, passionate outlet and it can get extremely frustrating when people who do not understand the lifestyle and culture criticize the player or even games themselves.
Online game players in particular are always under attack by the mass media as a group of slackers, couch potatoes and for contributing to the epidemic childhood obesity.   Now Jace Hall is fighting back with the release on his new song "I PLAY W.O.W.`   Hall stated, This track represents the mostly unspoken general sentiment of I AM PROUD THAT I PLAY.  WHAT I AM DOING IS PRODUCTIVE FOR ME IN MANY WAYS.  SO KISS MY ASS AND GET OFF MY BACK. "
Hall continued, When you are told that you are being lazy, or wasting your time, or being anti social " when in fact you have just spent 22 hours working VERY hard with a GROUP of people accomplishing extremely difficult tasks " you want to tell the uninformed person accosting you to F** OFF!  Which they rightfully should because they do not know what they are talking about. "
"I Play W.O.W` and the rest of the songs from VIDEO GAMES AIN`T BAD FOR YOU are about providing that affirmative voice and making a statement.  It is the unrepentant voice of a group of both men & women and boys & girls telling the world that playing online games like World of Warcraft is just as valid as playing football, baseball, basketball or even competing in the Olympics.  In many ways, these videogames are MORE social and require MORE discipline and strategy than most other sports or hobbies.  Hall says, There is no shame in this activity, in fact "WE ARE PROUD THAT WE PLAY!` "
THE JACE HALL SHOW can be seen on IGN.COM.   VIDEO GAMES AREN`T BAD FOR YA is available on iTunes and all songs are featured in THE JACE HALL SHOW.

Jace Hall