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Published:May 9th, 2010 21:41 EST
SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Young Gee ft. Maino & Radio with 'According To My Swagga'

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Young Gee ft. Maino & Radio with 'According To My Swagga'

By SOP newswire2

San Diego is known as a tourist city for the people who are not familiar with the area. For the locals, they know that the city is full of struggles such as gangs and poverty. There are two notorious areas that are run by these groups, Southeast San Diego " and East San Diego ".

A way for these people to find a way out of their struggles is to vent through lyrics. There are certain standards for rappers coming out of San Diego. There is a lot of talent and competition, but along with the competition and talent comes a lot of adversity. Rapper Corey Thompson, professionally known as Young Gee, born June 8, 1987, is ready to face all the challenges that come along with being one of San Diego`s top rappers. His father launched a record label called Out Tha Gate Records.

At the age of eleven this inspired him to become a musician. He started out wanting to produce beats, but later discovered a lyrical gift that people enjoyed to hear. His inspiration for music came from great rappers such as 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Too Short, B-Legit, Ice Cube, WC, Mack 10, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and many others. What inspires him to make music and to make it in this industry is his family. Young Gee`s music is based on things he experienced as a child as an adult. Running the streets as a young teen gave him the ammo to put his life into music. His life experiences and two sons are the reason he encourages kids and teens to finish school and be somebody.

When Young Gee came out with his first mixtape, Scrillafornia Vol. 1 ", it hit San Diego and other well known areas and became popular in the streets. On January 23, 2009 he released his second mixtape, Scrilliafornia Vol.2 ", with more maturity, growth and production. He also released three other mix tapes: Daygo to the I.E ", Fly Young Gangsta " and Jacking for Beats Vol. 1 ". Young Gee has over 1.5 million plays and profile views on MySpace and close to 24k plus friends with no major promotion. He receives 4,000-6,000+ music plays a day on MySpace. Young Gee has what it takes to make it as a major artist. He is inspired by the words of the Notorious B.I.G`s, who once said, In the right hands I could be one of the greatest. "

Sound, Image and Uniqueness Young Gee is comparable to Maino, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Jay Rock, and The Notorious B.I.G. and he considers himself the new age Ice Cube. He came from the streets and vents this though his music in an attempt to inspire others. He is the same person he has always been, but he doesn`t engage in activities of his past and has changed due to his family. He does, however, continue to rap about past experiences and how he has changed to give hope to people in similar situations. He has an ear catching voice that attracts all types of audiences.