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Published:November 17th, 2007 06:52 EST
Field of BAD dreams

Field of BAD dreams

By Will Roberts

Well all I know is what little I read on the Internet and today the American past time went past us and most likely we wont be giving it the time of day - Barry bonds and Baseball.  This little bit of news was on the front pages yesterday and today, which was appropriately placed on the obituary page. Now, it is not a totally lost game yet.

Innocent until proven guilty.  Is just that we found out that our extra ordinary homerun hero Barry Bonds may be just another drugged up cheater. Now, I sat here as I am writing this little column I put together, trying real hard to find a creative way to label MR Bonds.

He is a just another . . . Foul ball … just another wild pitch. And then I just figured, call it as the fans see it, just another overpaid, spoiled sports figure that took drugs to advance themselves. IF Mr. Bonds gets cleared of all the charges that he faces. I will be the FIRST to post my formal apology. However, I have rules to this game. There can be no doubt in our minds. These days there is more GAME in the trails then there is on the field.

People who have money or pull get the best Liars, oops! Sorry lawyers get the best lawyers and they always find a way to get the juror to look at their crime in a different way.  There is always room for doubt I agree; every time I look at a lawyer, I doubt that there will be justice. If a lawyer dresses and acts like game show hosts, they probably are. We should probably put the lawyers on trial first. Make them defend themselves. If they pass, they can defend others. Just the acts of putting a hand on a bible will probably scare most of them into another profession. Like selling cars.

Ok, back on baseball, it is just a sad time when the folks we use to look up to, baseball players, are dropping like fly balls. We need to stop letting our sports figures treat us like they are the only ones who can hit a homerun for the team. I would pay top dollar to see sports played like the old days.

Remember, the players would strike out and just jump back in the game and show us what they are made of. Now players fail and they throw the blame around and walk off the filed into there own little corner and pout, while they are phoning their agents for more money.

Please find us a new breed of sports figures that do it for the fans not the paycheck. Here is a plan, why don't they put a cap on the athletes; they can only have four good years of play and good pay. After the 4 years is up, they become coaches or play for half of what they made at the top of what they made. That will get us the four best years of their efforts. There are plenty of young energetic, passionate players waiting on the sidelines and the only thing they are learning by example is the game of the sport and not the sport of the game.



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