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Published:December 31st, 2007 15:35 EST
Rusty Hardin is about to play hardball with baseball to clear the fastball of Roger Clemens

Rusty Hardin is about to play hardball with baseball to clear the fastball of Roger Clemens

By Will Roberts

(Transcription of Audio Podcast)

Now, normally I don't comment on sports, mainly on the account of it is so far back of the paper, and by time I got to the sports page, I'd have enough material to build a farm, a fun farm!  But lately sports have been corrupt enough to get it self on the front-page with all the other organized crime, politics, and real estate.  Headlines: (baseball) Report: Clemens' probe hires attorney Rusty Hardin.  I guess if you are the fastest pitcher in the game you need the heaviest hitter to field the ball, Rusty Hardin is that man. Just to give you a small idea of this lawyer's effectiveness, here is what was quoted about Mr. Hardin. 

"He is all things a great defender must be — raconteur – which sound French for racketeer. Showman- watch the movie "Chicago "Givem the old razzle dazzle, charmer- as in snake, and egotist — and he has a ferocious charisma that a rival once described as 'slicker 'n deer guts on a doorknob.'"  Come to think of it, this description could be used for any number of candidates running right now. Don't be surprised if you see this man on a political ticket real soon. The only thing that would stop him is he makes too much money running his own show. Politics does not give that much flexibility. In any case, Clemens has brought this pinch hitter in and mark my words; this will make the game of baseball really interesting in the months to come. My only hope is that baseball is left with some dignity so that we have a game to go back to.

Front-page status means you really had to aim high or sink low to get that spot. Baseball has enough fouls to steal the lime light from that OTHER game of dirty pool in progress right now, the republican/democrat race.  

But I am not going to talk anymore about this until I get just a little more dirt. You will have to wait until the seventh inning stretch.  Instead, let’s go down a few columns to a story that has been in the news and out for the past few months, Michael Vick. , Football player and dog lover. Let me update you all just a little bit so you don't forget what happened. I find that when something happens to animal's people have a short memory. Now if you remember, Mr. Vick, while he was throwing winning touchdown plays was also throwing funds to a dog-fighting ring.

And like any good businessperson, he has been instrumental in helping to keep quality control over these animals. Something along the lines of what Hitler did with the folks he considered useless, he euthanized them. Mind you, it was not done in a humane way either. No sir, I won't go into the details but let’s just say that if football does not work out for him there is always the CIA, head of water boarding. Ok, so threw very quick court proceedings he wound up getting a 23 months prison sentence. 23 months that seems fair. He will probably only serve 6 months. If animals could speak up, they would ask for a harsher sentience. If anything, make his 23 months in dog life 2 = 22 years. 

The most recent story in the news reads "    " he has rallied the troops and is trying to get leniency for his MERE 23 months, on the grounds that he, growing up did know that dog fighting was bad, it was just a way of life."   He has called in some big names to attest to his character. Hank Aaron, some others … and his mother. He has more support than some of our candidates and a far better track record.  He goes onto say that; he truly is an animal lover. With love like that who needs enemies. He might love animals just not live animals.

I will tell you what I think, have MR Vick write a public apologue and make him recite it during super bowl half time that is to make sure that he has the most of his peers watching. In his apology, we will give him a word to define. He has to write about what this word means to him. NO help, just straight VICK. Here is the word, Leniency; and just in case you need a little help with this task here area few words to help you. Compassion, humanity, kindness, and mercy . . . then maybe, maybe Leniency should be considered. Now what I speak of here is just my wild idea and May never be seen or heard of again. But if we see him walk or throw a pass and he gets off with a lesser sentence, without making a major amends (Disclaimer: having a good lawyer that gets you off is expressly forbidden in this offer) then we are doing a big disservices to Humans best friend.  Oh, character witnesses are fine, but you can't use your mother. Dogs and mothers are unconditional they don't care what you do to them they'll still love you just the same. Fair is fair no matter what your position in life. Hut … Hut … RIGHT?


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