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Published:April 18th, 2008 11:16 EST

Japanese Temple refuses Olympic Torch Relay

By Ana P.

A temple in Japan has refused to be the starting point for the Olympic torch relay in one week in Nagano, due to the Chinese procedure against Buddhist monks in Tibet.

This decision was announced by  Kunihiko Shinohara, the secretary of the organising committee of Nagano, after a conversation with the monks of the Zenkoji Temple. Shinohara says that the committee respects the monks’ decision and that they are going to search for a different starting point instead.

A representative of Nagano explained that the monks were concerned about their security, if  there should be protests against the Chinese Tibet policy.

Ever since the start of the international torch relay on 24th March 2008 in Greece,  numerous violent protests against the Chinese Tibet policy have taken place at several places.