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Published:June 29th, 2008 19:02 EST
Torres Strike makes Spain the European Champions

Torres Strike makes Spain the European Champions

By Subash Lamichhane

Spain has been crowned as the European champions today in Vienna Stadium in Austria. The long wait finally ended when Fernando Torres scored a goal in 33 minutes against Germany, nailing them to the coffin. This goal in the first half of the game was sufficient enough to get Germans on their knees and give Spain a glorious victory which they have been awaiting since 1964.

Fernando Torres gives Spain a Grand Victory


Spain proved to be the strongest team in all of Europe as they came unbeaten to the final match after 24 games. Germans were already kicked hard when they lost the game against Croatia in the Group stage game. Although Germany showed brilliant football, which they are known for, not even this was enough to get the Espanols on their knees.


Though Germans had good possession of game they were not as energized as the Spanish team. During 90 minutes of the game, Germans could only create 4 shots, and out of those 4, only 1 was on target while Spain had good number of shots. Spain demonstrated a breath-taking football and proved that they are the Champions.

After a strong start from Germany, seeking a fourth title themselves, Spain were the more dangerous side throughout an entertaining final at the Ernst-Happel-Stadium although it took just one goal " in the 33rd minute, courtesy of Torres`s pace, perseverance and an unerring finish " to end their long wait. " (UEFA).

As the referee blew his whistle, Spainish fans all around the world started their screams and their long-delayed celebration. Finally, the nail-biting was over and Spain was crowned the Champions of Europe " which takes a lot of team effort ,good spirit, love of the game, passion, good coaching and Spain had all of these advantages which make them the Champions.