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Published:August 15th, 2008 21:47 EST
Spanish Olympic Teams Should Be Punished For Making "Slit-Eyed" Gesture

Spanish Olympic Teams Should Be Punished For Making "Slit-Eyed" Gesture

By Robert Paul Reyes

First it was photographs of the Spanish men`s and women`s basketball team making "slit-eyed" gestures, a racist and juvenile impression of Chinese people.

Now it`s pictures of the Spanish women tennis players pulling the same racist stunt.

It`s important to point out that it`s not one or two Spanish athletes who are hopelessly racist, it`s dozens of Spanish individuals who are in desperate need of sensitivity training. Acts of racism are not an aberration, but par for the course for Spanish athletes.

It`s hard to believe that this foolishness is taking place at the Olympics and not at a company picnic where everyone is boozed up to the gills.

The Olympics should be about goodwill and the brotherhood of man, anyone who indulges in such blatant bigotry should be sent packing. The Spanish tennis and basketball players have disgraced their country. I would think twice about visiting Spain.

I am vehemently opposed to the Chinese government`s ruthlessness in dealing with dissidents, but the Chinese Olympic team and the Chinese population should be treated with respect.

A kid might get away with a "slit-eyed" gesture in a playground, but the Spanish players shouldn`t be allowed to get away with such brazen bigotry. I hope they are punished for their stupidity and racism.