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Published:September 29th, 2008 13:17 EST
Wolverines defeat Badgers at 500th game of Michigan Stadium

Wolverines defeat Badgers at 500th game of Michigan Stadium

By Garrett Godwin

Everyone thought it was going to be a shutout, which may cause them to leave in the middle of the game between Michigan and Wisconsin, who was leading the game 19-0. Just as everyone thought Michigan was out, they proved that they were not only the underdogs, they weren`t done for the count.

After a first half of turnovers, interceptions, and fumbles, the Wolverines knew they were coming back and they did turn it in their 500th game at Michigan Stadium in front of 109,000 people on Saturday -- stunning the #9 Badgers with the score of 27-25, making this the second biggest comeback in Wolverine history; leading is the 2003 38-35 victory at Minnesota.

"I knew it would take a lot of heart from a lot of people that wasn`t stepping up" stated Wolverine defensive tackle Terrance Taylor. "We was holding them, we was hitting them, and it was just a point of having the offense get on board and score some touchdowns. We knew we could hold them 19. They was tired."

Key plays of the Wolverine`s renewed vigor in the second half includes a 25-yard interception return from John Thompson that gave Michigan the lead for the first time in the fourth quarter, 20-19 at 10:24. However, Wisconsin regained it back several minutes later when Gilreath throw a 22-yard pass to Evridge. With about a minute left in the game, the Badgers decide to go for a two-point conversion to tie the game at 27, but failed, and Michigan hold on to win the game, as the entire team and their fans at the Stadium went and Hail "Blue" to the Victors known as the Wolverines.

"I give all the credit in the world to Michigan to come back after hearing all the things that I heard being yelled at them at halftime" said Wisconsin Coach Bret Bielema.