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Published:November 28th, 2008 15:49 EST
Michael Vick

Free Michael Vick NOW!

By John Lillpop

President Bush has recently spread holiday cheer among scalawags convicted of illegal gun sales, embezzlement, mortgage fraud,mail fraud, illegal drugs,income tax evasion, moon shining, food stamp fraud, and other heinous crimes.

He did so by granting commutations and pardons ***, as is his presidential prerogative in the U.S. Constitution.

The president even took time from his busy schedule as Barack Obama`s temporary aide-de-camp to pardon a turkey, a Thanksgiving tradition that Obama will surely CHANGE.

Next November, look for Obama to issue a blanket pardon to all Guantanamo Bay detainees,past and present, as a "progressive" way to kick off the holy season ofRamadan.

Back to the turkey still in the White House.

While wasting his powers on hard-core felons, President Bush has overlooked a young American hero who sits in federal prison for minor infractions involving the rights of mutts.

That would be Michael Vick, one time beloved quarterback for theAtlanta Falcons androle model for youngsters all across America.

This young black man--REPEAT! Young Black Man! --has been victimized in one of the most egregious instances of injustice in the history of American jurisprudence.

Michael Vick, football star and Young Black Man, was unfairly singled out for enjoying a Southern tradition that dates back several generations: Dog fighting!




Next to the Confederate flag, there is nothing more symbolic of Southern culture than a bloody dog fight staged for a gaggle of bible-thumping, intoxicated good old boys unable or unwilling to secure female companionship on Saturday night.

That is the culture in which Michael Vick was born and raised. His only crime was honoring his culture to the fullness, while turning a pretty penny in the process.

Regrettably, Vick fell prey to bleeding heart PETA types who staged hand wringing and crying jags over a few wasted mutts. Given their way, PETA would resolve the Vick matter by hanging the American hero from a goal post during half time of an Atlanta Falcons` game at the Georgia Dome.

Notice to President Bush: With your legacy in tatters anyhow, why not rescue this young black man from the shackles of injustice by granting him an immediate and full pardon?

If you act now, you will not only upstage President-elect Obama, but you will give Vick a great shot at making the playoffs andSuper Bowl!

Free Michael Vick, an abused young black man!