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Published:August 18th, 2009 17:00 EST
Remorseful? Or, Just Talking?

Remorseful? Or, Just Talking?

By Ron G Anselm


     I think most of us are familiar with or have heard about the crimes Michael Vick committed with the dog fighting ring he once ran with some of his childhood buddies he hung out with back in Newport News, Virginia. Vick ran this dog fighting ring as part of his own entertainment or at least that`s my own opinion.

     Someone that commits this type of crime, especially when it comes to harming, torturing, and killing innocent animals and molding those once loving and incident animals into vicious killing machines is a crime beyond thought or recognition.

     I saw the interview on Sunday when James Brown talked to Michael Vick about the crime. Vick basically stated he was very remorseful about what he did and his actions and he really didn`t know the reality of his actions until he heard the prison door slam behind him which in this case didn`t hit him in the rear on the way out. He said he had been exposed to dog fighting back in his child hood days in Virginia and being exposed to this type of violence especially against animals made him think it was almost normal to act this way in society when he once saw as a kid, a police officer pull up during one of the dog fights and just get back in his car and leave without doing anything about it or to even try to stop it.

     Come on people! This is the same principle as someone going out and committing a crime and not just any crime; something that hurts or harms another living person or animal and then saying, Wow, I didn`t realize it was wrong to do this " I grew up hard and without a ton of adult guidance or supervision and I knew right from wrong even when I was still wearing Pampers and not any taller than a yardstick. I also have never been in trouble with the law because I knew what was right from wrong, even as a young kid.

     It is instinct in us to know what is right and what is wrong and I believe we are all born with this type of instinct or maybe it`s just common sense. And anyone that does commit a crime and then say they did not know any better; they are either scared of the consequences they will face for their actions or are feeding you a line of Bull.

     I too played the violent game of football and saved the game face and violence for the field, not society. So, if anyone says, he committed this type of crime because he plays professional football and football in general instills violence in the player is way off base.

     For the professional athlete that thinks they are above the law need to realize, though they make more money than the average working person, they are just as equal to anyone and not any better. I am not just talking about Michael Vick but any athlete playing professional sports and even at the college level.

     My opinion from watching the interview last Sunday is that maybe Michael Vick may realize now after the damage has been done, dog fighting is not right and is not accepted as a normal, everyday life piece of entertainment that is accepted in society. I also, and this is just my own personal opinion; think Vick is not totally to the point of being so remorseful and sorry for his crime that he goes to bed at night feeling the pain of his actions. I believe this will take a lot longer to get over for him and for people and sports fans to forgive his actions and move on.  

     We have to look at sports figures and celebrities as a higher being and hold them accountable for the same crimes as the normal person. I am not saying they are any better than anyone else, just that they are more in the public eye and under the radar more than your average person.

     For Michael Vick to get reinstated in the National Football League in my opinion was way too soon. If your average person committed a crime either of this magnitude or any magnitude and spent time in prison, would their employer reinstate them and give them their old job back?   

     In my personal opinion, Vick should have sat this season out, performed and proved to be an asset in his community service to young kids and the Humane Society, then after this season is over; sit down with Roger Goodell the Commissioner of the NFL and go over sort of a performance review, just like the normal employee gets from his or her employer; then if Vick scores high enough on his performance review, go on a 90-day evaluation period where at anytime he can be fired from the NFL if he does not perform and continue doing the right thing in his community service, to the public, and his team. Then, if after the 90-day evaluation period is over and Vick has performed up to all expectations, then reinstate him, but keep him on a probationary period for the next season.

     We are all responsible for our actions and we are not young kids that don`t know any better. I guess I have a tougher opinion when it comes to doing the right thing since I too grew up hard and never was in trouble. I don`t care if you are old enough to realize right from wrong and you say But I didn`t know it was wrong " you should fry (pay the price) and be held accountable for your actions. Then, in the positive context, learn from your actions and be an asset to society.