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Published:August 24th, 2009 13:54 EST
Tony Dungy Gets On Michael Vick's Case For Drinking In Public

Tony Dungy Gets On Michael Vick's Case For Drinking In Public

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Michael Vick`s mentor, Tony Dungy, scolded the Eagles quarterback for drinking in public after the New York Post revealed he was drinking Grey Goose and pineapple juice in a Philadelphia airport bar.

`Michael, you can`t do that,` Dungy told Vick, via`s Peter King.

Dungy relayed to King that even though alcohol may not be completely banned, he must not present a negative image. Said King, `He can`t give the media or the public any ammunition to suggest he isn`t doing everything he can to live a clean life and devote himself totally to football.`"

Let me preface my remarks by stating the obvious: Michael Vick is a low-life scum who should still be behind bars for torturing and murdering dogs.

However Vick should fire his sanctimonious mentor -- how would you like to have a born-again type watching your every move?

The public isn`t going to be shocked because Vick consumed alcohol in an airport bar, we know he ain`t a choirboy.

Prohibitions regarding alcohol use were included in Vick`s reinstatement agreement, but the disgraced quarterback shouldn`t be treated like a child.

If you are stuck in an airport waiting for your flight to depart, most people are going to down a drink or two.

Both the dog-killing Vick and the holier-than-thou Dungy are bad for the image of the NFL. I hope they both keep a low profile, out of respect for the violence-drenched NFL.