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Published:September 14th, 2009 15:07 EST
Week One Proves to Start the NFL Season with a Bang

Week One Proves to Start the NFL Season with a Bang

By Ron G Anselm

     Well, Week One of the NFL started out with a bang. A lot of the teams I thought would win their first games didn`t and the teams that were supposed to not start out in the win columns did. It looks like it is going to be another wild NFL season with many teams performing like they are going to head to the post-season this year.

     One of the more surprising games with the start of the NFL season was last Thursday night with the Titans facing the Steelers in Game One of the season. Both teams proved to be able to hold off a lot of scoring and proved to possibly have pretty good defenses this year. The Steelers kept their image of the Terrible Towel " alive holding the Titans to just 10 points in the game. The Titans played very well against a better team and proved they still may be a contender in this year`s football season.

     On Sunday, the season gave us lots of excitement with a few good last minute wins by some of the less favorable teams that may make the playoffs this year. A good example was the Denver Broncos and their last second win over the Cincinnati Bengals. I am not saying the Bengals are looking to be a powerhouse this year but it was a truly lucky win for the Broncos. With around twenty some seconds left in the game and the Broncos with the ball on their side of the field threw a pass to one of their receivers, the ball was tipped up in the air by the Cincinnati Cornerback and Brandon Stokley just happened to be in the right place at the right time and was there to land under the ball for the catch and the touchdown which gave the Broncos the win. I am not saying the Broncos are going to be a playoff contention team but maybe with the luck of game one may prove to be the spark they need to make the post-season this year.

     The Falcons looked good beating the Dolphins and the Vikings with Brett Favre at the helm looked great not only scoring 34 points against the Cleveland Browns but the defense proved to possibly be another asset to the team by not allowing any points by the Browns in the Vikings 34-0 win over the Browns.

     The Colts behind Payton Manning beat the Jaguars 14-12. The Colts should prove to be the team to beat this year but may have some problems on offense with the lower scoring offense in place this year.  The New York Giants and Washington Redskins had a shootout proving both teams have a good offense and can stop the run with the powerful defenses. The Giants held-off the Hogs by a score of 23-17 to start week one.

     The Cowboys look to be another good team and should have a good season this year with their week one win over the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers will need a few years to rebuild the team after John Gruden departed last year and the many changes with the team internally.

     The Saints looked good with their scoring arsenal of 45 points but will still have to prove they are for real since they only beat the rebuilding Lions on Sunday, 45-27. The surprise team of the year should be the San Francisco 49ers. They surprised the Arizona Cardinals Sunday with a 20-16 win over Arizona. The 49ers are picked to be a good team this year with their last few years spend rebuilding may payoff to get them a post-season ticket.

     The Packers with their new quarterback Aaron Rodgers outlasted the Chicago Bears and the old Broncos franchise quarterback Jay Cutler who was traded to the Bears this season, the Packers beat the Bears by a score of 21-15. Both teams look to be good teams this year with possible post-season chances.

     My Oakland Raiders will play tonight against the favored Chargers. If the Raiders can beat the Chargers tonight on Monday Night Football then maybe it may turn out to be another sample of the old Oakland Raiders and possibly another Super Bowl appearance for the Silver and Black although I know I am taking a long-shot guess for now.

     Week One in the NFL is always a week where the teams show what may become of the season. We can`t predict for sure the teams that won in week one as they may or may not make the post-season but week one more than likely proves to be the setting of the stage for the season for a lot of teams. Week Two should prove to be another exciting week for the teams.