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Published:December 24th, 2009 00:48 EST
Is Tiger Woods Dead?

Is Tiger Woods Dead?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods hasn`t been seen for over three weeks, and now people are searching the Internet wondering if he`s dead. These searches aren`t in response to the November 27, 2009 single vehicle car crash by a few folks who have shunned television, the Internet, and never glance at a magazine cover. These are searches from people wondering if there isn`t a gruesome reality behind Tiger`s disappearing act."
Melissa Finlay of Prime Writer News Network reports that some folks are searching the Internet for news of Tiger`s untimely demise.
Tiger isn`t dead,  he`s a coward who`s holed up in his mansion, too afraid to make a public apology to his fans and sponsors. I assume that the randy golfer has already made a private apology to his wife, and  I`m sure that went over like a lead balloon.
Nobody has seen Tiger Woods for over three weeks, not even a cocktail waitress, party girl or porn star. Besides postings on his Web site there`s no evidence that the disgraced golfer is still alive.
Tiger`s fall has been so sudden and so shocking, that his tarnished image can`t be repaired by crying on Oprah Winfrey`s shoulder or by a stint in rehab for drug and sex addiction. Tiger Woods is like a shattered Humpty Dumpty, a dozen public relations experts can`t repair the fatal damage to his brand name.
Only death can take away the sting of Tiger`s downfall, only in death can he find redemption. I`m not advising the fallen superstar to commit hari kari, I`m merely stating that death would be the fitting end to this morality play.
The best outcome in this saga is if Tiger truly is truly repentant, and makes amends with his family and with the public. It would be tragic for Tiger`s family if he is no longer with us, but some good would come out of the situation.
We have witnessed too many instances where a celeb commits a grievous crime, enrolls in rehab, and then has a successful second act. A morality play where the fallen hero pays the ultimate price wouldn`t be the worst thing in the world.
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