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Published:January 22nd, 2010 16:01 EST
Fans Make Fun Of Tiger Woods At Australian Open

Fans Make Fun Of Tiger Woods At Australian Open

By Robert Paul Reyes

For Tiger Woods, it`s a sign of the times.

Once-adoring golf fans gave Woods some grief at the Australian Open on Thursday by holding up signs that read, `I`ve been with Tiger.`

Others poked fun at Tiger`s catting around with a harem of hotties by displaying a poster of Woods in a pimp hat and holding a scepter instead of a driver." Read more

This is just a taste of the abuse that will be heaped upon the disgraced golfer when he returns to the PGA. When the serial-adulterer returns to the golf links, the usually polite and refined golf galleries will seem like a mob of soccer hooligans.

Tiger Woods is ashamed of his African-American heritage, and he goes out of his way to point out that he doesn`t consider himself black. It`s poetic justice that the black golfer is now often depicted in stereotypical terms as a gangsta or a pimp.

One pretty white woman is holding up a sign reading, "I`ve been with Tiger", odds are that she probably has slept with the scandal-plagued golfer.

If Tiger is watching TV or surfing the Internet while he`s in sex rehab, he may never leave his sanctuary.

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