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Published:April 8th, 2010 15:04 EST
tiger woods

Video: Deplorable Tiger Woods Nike Ad

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The 30-second ad features a mute Woods listening to his dead father`s voice chastising him from beyond the grave. Earl Woods, who died in 2006, tells Woods, "Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive. I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are."

tiger woods

Later, he ask him, "and did you learn anything," as Woods is seen on the verge of tears. The ad concludes with the Nike sign.

Nike was one of the few sponsors who stayed with Woods after his sex scandal that began last year during Thanksgiving weekend. Woods lost $35 million worth of endorsements after he was linked to more than a dozen different women and forced to publicly apologize for his affairs." Read More

Disgraced golfer Tiger Woods officially returns to golf today and to the airwaves with a new ad from Nike. But as the scandal-plagued golfer tries to revive his career, new mistresses continue to surface. The National Enquirer reports that the playboy golfer bedded his 22-year-old neighbor, whom he had known since her teenage years.

Tiger`s fans should hope that he makes a better impression playing the Masters tournament, than he did in his latest commercial for Nike. The humiliated golfer is beyond creepy in the black and white commercial; I felt like washing my hands after watching it on YouTube.

In the Nike ad the scumbag golfer is wearing a cap and a sweater vest with the Nike logo. If Tiger really wants us to forgive him for his deceitfulness, cowardice, and hypocrisy, he should have worn those garments with the Scarlet letter A.

The shameless golfer is using the image of his dead father to bail him out his image problem. The idea of Earl Woods chastising Tiger for his promiscuity is laughable, the elder Woods repeatedly cheated on his wife.

It`s too bad that Tiger didn`t listen to his dad when he told him a few years ago: Marriage is unnecessary in a mobile society like ours. In hindsight it`s obvious that Tiger was never in love with his wife, the playboy golfer got married because it would increase his value as a spokesperson.

Nike is a corrupt corporation that has no qualms about contracting with sweatshops to make their high-priced sneakers, and they have no reservations about using a creep to be their spokesperson.

Just say no to Nike.

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