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Published:May 4th, 2010 18:25 EST
Fan Tries to Get A Few Second of Glory

Fan Tries to Get A Few Second of Glory

By Ron G Anselm


     We all know with the age of terrorism, violence against Americans, and crime rates in major cities on the rise that it is not smart to decide to hop out of your seat and run onto the field during a Major League baseball game.

     Last night at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game, a teenage fan wanted to get a little glory and decided to run onto the field during the eighth inning of play. Now, being in sports and an avid fan for over thirty years, I have seen more than one instance where fans are ignorant enough to decide to test their speed and run onto the field during a game.

    I saw once instance in the late 1970`s where two fans, a father and son team, ran onto the field in a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, pull out our country`s flag and try to light it on fire. Luckily Rick Monday who was playing center field at the time, grabbed the flag away from the two people before they could light it on fire.

     The big question that is stirring controversy about last night`s incident is if the police used excessive force by using a taser on the teen as he ran around in circles waving a white piece of cloth. In my opinion, No! The police did act appropriately and the teen is probably lucky he wasn`t hurt worse than being knocked down by the jolt of the taser.

     I also have read a lot of comments on this from people bashing the Philadelphia Police and saying they used too much force. We are not talking about a six year old child ran onto the field and the police tased him, of course that would be a whole different story in the use of force. We are talking a teenager old enough to know better. Or, we are not talking about the cop chasing the teen pulled out his 9MM and shot him and again; that would be a whole different story, the cop did what he needed to, to subdue the fleeing teenager.

     We are living in an age where we turn on the news just about every night and see in some form or another how someone wanted to detonate a car bomb in New York City or how we just caught another terrorist living in the United States. People need to realize that it is great to have the stepped up police protection all over and that the police are not going to be walking on egg shells to watch every little move they make to protect us. How did the cop know what the teen was going to do? For all he knew, this could have been a terrorist that had a gun or something on him.

     I also am glad to see police presence at ball parks on and off the field. This is something that needs to keep happening and even keep being enforced for a long time. We are not living in the 1970s where we never heard of terrorism or anything out of the ordinary when it comes to violence, we are living in a completely different time and people should appreciate the different things happening now to protect Americans.