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Published:June 19th, 2010 17:57 EST
Bad Call by Referee Takes a Win Away from the United States in World Cup Soccer

Bad Call by Referee Takes a Win Away from the United States in World Cup Soccer

By Ron G Anselm


    It seems like it has been a bad few months for umpires and referees lately in sports. We had the bad call recently by the First Base Umpire Jim Joyce in the game between the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers which cost Armando Galarraga the perfect game. And now, it is spilling over to World Cup soccer.

     Maybe it`s something in the water, or maybe these gaming officials need to pay attention more to close plays, but watching the play where the United States player, Landon Donovan had a free kick and connected in the goal for the win for the United States only to have him called offside by the Malian referee Koman Coulibaly was the worst call I have ever seen in any game, even a Little League game and a friendly game of stick ball back on the block. This call really was something way out of the ordinary. How in the world could he call Donovan off sides when he clearly was not? I don`t know, but again we have a bad call that costs our up and coming United States soccer team a huge win and boost of morale.

     There could be lots of reasons for this bad call and many are talking about the call and various reasons as to why the call happened, and happened against the United States. Some of the reasons I have heard is maybe anti-Americanism? This you really can`t prove because again the referees are only human and do make mistakes. Others reason include he is inexperienced and needs more time in officiating soccer games, especially big games in World Cup tournaments where teams really have no room for losing games if they want to be in contention for the championship, let alone losing games where they clearly won the game, but had the win taken away by a very bad call.

     In an interview with Donovan he was a little frustrated with the call and I don`t blame him a bit. He had this to say, "I`m a little gutted to be honest, ". I don`t know how they stole that last goal from us. I`m not sure what the call was. He (the referee) wouldn`t tell us what the call was." (Donovan, L. 2010).

     Whatever the reason is, the U.S. Soccer Team will bounce back. They have proven they are a new team to this sport, but a new team that has lots of potential for becoming a great team in this sport that is now growing with more popularity among sports fans of this great country.  Even though the U.S. Soccer team has not put a win in the win column yet, (they should have but got hosed on the bad call) the team has a record of 0-0-2 with two points in Group C, and when England plays Algeria tonight, if England beats Algeria, then England will have four points leaving Algeria with zero points. When England plays Slovenia next week, unless both teams end-up in a tie, if the United States beats Algeria when they play, then with a win over Algeria, the United States Soccer Team will advance.




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