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Published:June 22nd, 2010 15:25 EST
tiger woods

Tiger Woods Too Busy Losing At US Open To Attend Daughter's Birthday

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tiger Woods was thousands of miles from his daughter on her birthday, just months after vowing that he would `
tiger woods
never miss another one,` RadarOnline reports. While Woods struggled through the second day of the U.S. Open tournament at Pebble Beach on the California coast last Friday, the web site reports that his daughter Sam celebrated her third birthday far away in Florida."
Tiger`s world used to revolve around golf, sex, and money, with his family being nothing more than an afterthought. In a bid to salvage his career and his lucrative endorsement deals, the disgraced golfer has given up one-night stands with cocktail waitresses, party girls and porn stars.
In April Tiger tried to show that he was a changed man by vowing that he would never again miss the birthday of his son, and we assume that would also hold true for the birthday of his daughter.
Tiger no longer has his bimbos, the only thing that matters to him now is pursuing Jack Nickalaus` record of winning 18 majors. The self-centered golfer would run over his 3-year-old daughter with a bulldozer if she got in his way. Is anyone surprised that Tiger once again missed the birthday of one of his children?
Let`s hope that Tiger isn`t a Baby Daddy, if he treats his own family like dirt, how on Earth would he treat his illegitimate children?
It`s Tiger`s arrogance, selfishness and horrible way that he mistreats his family that makes us despise him so much. Tiger`s  philandering is just another reason not to respect, admire or like him.

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