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Published:August 31st, 2010 15:18 EST
Japan Wins the Little League World Series

Japan Wins the Little League World Series

By Ron G Anselm

         For the first time in five years a team from the United States did not win the Little League World Series. The five year reign by the United States as World Series champions was ended on Sunday in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania by Japan as the team from Tokyo defeated the team from Hawaii by a score of 4 -1.

    The little leaguers from Japan held it together with superb pitching limiting the United States team to only four singles in their victory. Konan Tomori for Japan played like the game`s MVP (Most Valuable Player) when he helped his team from Japan get the win. Tomori smacked a home run and three RBI`s (Run Batted In) in his performance on Sunday.

    Since 2003, a Little League team from Japan is coming back to the Orient with the Little League World Series Championship banner. Japan went through the tournament with a perfect 5-0 record. Facing Hawaii was not an easy task or win for Japan since the United States team from Hawaii had averaged scoring 29 runs over the last three previous games before facing Japan in the Championship. Japan out pitched, outscored and outplayed the team from Hawaii.

    The pitching duo of Ryuske Ikeda and Ichiro Ogasawara combined their junk " and fast balls to hold off the bats of the Hawaiian team. Ryusuke struck out five and allowed only four hits over the first three innings, and then Ogasawara came in for the relief and pitched the last three innings striking out three and earning his third save for Japan.

      The fans from the United States tried as hard as they could to cheer for their team from Hawaii and tried what they could to bring their team good luck by holding up American flags and tea leaves which in Hawaii is supposed to bring good luck while the fans from Japan on the other side of the diamond wore bright red hats and white T-shirts and displayed their own style of good luck for their team which included rhythmic clapping and displaying the melody Popeye the Sailor Man " which looks like did bring their team good luck. Although Japan holds the Little League World Series Championship banner, we will see if the United States can win it back next year in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.