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Published:February 4th, 2006 16:37 EST
Pixel Advertising With A Twist: Entrepreneur Mixes Online, Print Promotion

Pixel Advertising With A Twist: Entrepreneur Mixes Online, Print Promotion

By Alan Gray

Unlike other pixel advertising sites now on the market, a new advertising business combines "Bricks and Mortar" advertising with the online medium to continue driving customers to the website and the websites of advertisers. is an online pixel advertising company, raising money to start a cruise line. An entrepreneur aims to start a new cruise line by selling 1 million pixels of Internet ad space for $1 each. Keith Sprankle, president and CEO of Sea, Sun 'N Fun Cruise Line, inc., plans to raise money for this venture through the new Internet advertising medium and offer his customers more then just pixel space for their money. The beginning phase for their operations will start a Harbor Tour business in the Seattle market place. Keith plans to offer their tour customers printed advertising for the website on the back of each ticket sold.

Seattle attracts a large worldwide tourism base and offering printed advertising in this way would allow pixel advertisers to reach a market segment they may have never found otherwise. "Pixels Help People" plans to use all of the money raised to create jobs in the local market by introducing this Harbor Tour business and building a base from which to launch future operations as a full worldwide cruise line.

Each Harbor Tour ticket will have the website of five to ten of advertisers printed on the back for the tour customer to take home with them. Tour tickets will rotate through the entire list of advertisers on the website as each ticket is printed. "This will be a great way for our website advertisers to reach new people. They will have the tour ticket stub to take home, allowing them to visit our sponsor's website from their homes. As we build the business, our advertising will grow right along with our cruise line, giving our customers an exceptional value for their dollars spent with us."

Sprankle says "The power of pixel advertising is in the price and we are using the money to help create jobs and multiply our customers advertising dollars through the use of printed advertising to our tour business customers". "You can't buy 5 years of advertising in any media for such a cheap price".

Sea, Sun 'N Fun Cruise Line Inc., was formed in august of 2004. Since then they have been working on business plans and marketing concepts to bring this dream into reality.

The Pixels Help People site is planned to be active for at least five years and longer if possible.

Find out more about Keith Sprankle and his landmark business idea at