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Published:August 18th, 2007 09:50 EST
Celebrity Blogging: The New Favorite American Pastime

Celebrity Blogging: The New Favorite American Pastime

By LaShelle Turner

Has the Internet fueled the growth of celebrity blogsites and bloggers?  You have probably clicked on one while you were at work or taking a break from writing your paper. You cannot miss them. They are everywhere. They are even on your homepage of your Internet provider. 

Celebrity bloggers now rule the Internet. Be it, Perez Hilton, Just Jared or hundreds of others. Gossip blogsites are everywhere. There are even websites for African American and Latina celebrity gossip.  What is fueling this celebrity obsession? Why must we spend minutes or sometimes hours of the day surfing for dish on celebrities?

Fans wanting to know every single detail about their favorite star`s life is nothing new, but the Internet has taken celebrity obsession to a whole new level. We can now find out more juicy and salacious details of stars` lives. 

Thanks to the Internet we can all keeps tabs on our favorite stars. We see them shopping, partying and vacationing in all those fabulous places most of us will never be able to afford. No longer is celebrity life a shroud of mystery. Just click on your favorite celebrity bloggers` page and you can see what the stars look like without their makeup. Yes, they are not naturally beautiful. Celebrity blogsites gives you the opportunity to live a celebrity lifestyle without being one. You can see all of those great parties most of us will never get to attend. 

Celebrity blogging is almost like looking through a high school yearbook. You were not there to experience all the memories, but you still get to see them. Paris, Lindsey, Nicole and Britney are the popular girls in school we love to hate. The girls who seem to have everything and least in our eyes, does not deserve it. Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are those cutes guys we love from a far.

Being a blogger is more fun than being an actual celebrity. They have the same power once only given to gossip magazines and publicists. They can make or break a career with just a click of a mouse button. Celebrity bloggers gurus, like Perez Hilton, get to say all the nasty things we want to say out loud, but are too afraid to because we do not want to be judged in same harsh manner. The best part of it is stars actually care what bloggers say about them. Bloggers brag how celebs call and plead them not to run stories or post pics. 

Celebrity bloggers even grade the level of fame a celebrity deserves. A-list celebrities usually garner the most comments, while B-celebrities are in the middle. Z-list celebrities are usually the butt of the bloggers` jokes. This makes us regular people feel better. At least no one is grading our worth in society.   

Still, you have to ask is all this access to celebrity a new age version of voyeurism. Sure Brad and Angelina are famous, but their kids are not.  You have to admit; it is a little bit creepy when adults pay to see pictures of a six-year-old birthday party or strangers` newborn baby`s pictures. What does being so interested in other people lives say about our own?  

Being famous does require celebrities to give up some of their privacy, but not all of it.

All of us should feel a little bit of guilt by going to these websites and invading stars` personal lives.   

The one good thing is celebrity voyeurism does show us how effortlessly and fleeting modern day fame can be. One minute your the Internet darling and the next day you`re the laughing stock of the World Wide Web. Traffic tickets, bad relationships or trips to rehab and jail are no longer personal and private matters that most of us get to keep private.  

The good thing is celebrity bloggers can curb our envy of the rich and famous. At least the world cannot see all the mistakes us regular people make every day.