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Published:March 14th, 2009 20:11 EST
EC3WD System and Website Launched: Great Resource for People in Developing Countries

EC3WD System and Website Launched: Great Resource for People in Developing Countries

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Ec3wd " something for everyone in these hard times
A radically different website is launched this week " http://ec3wd. com/  is conceived, designed, funded, written and implemented by a Scottish software developer based in Zimbabwe " Alex Weir.  The intention of this site is to stimulate economic development in the Third World "the timing may be fortuitous, since the whole Global Economy is greatly in need of stimulation. ..

In fact, the site is not restricted to the Third World " individuals, companies and organisations from every country are eligible to use ec3wd.

What does the site do?  What doesn`t it do is a better question.  It is a submit-and-search site which encompasses Resumes (CV`s), Job Advertisements, classified adverts (all categories), domestic and foreign investment and projects, volunteers, tourism, events, downloads, e-books, educational material etc..   The whole concept and implementation is professional and hard-headed " there is no amateur woolly-thinking do-gooder weakness here.

Usage of the site is free to everyone " both material submitters and searchers.  There are no restrictions to entry and no registration procedure.  The site is funded by advertising (done discretely by Google adsense).

The site is not restricted to the English Language " it operates in every language in the world " because of this, Weir expects a lot of activity from Arabic countries, from China, from Russia, from South America and from the Francophone area.
It also accepts adverts via SMS/text message, which is pervasive throughout the third world as well as being a very used medium in the West.  The more conventional interface of the site is webpage through PC or through mobile phone.

Searches can be extremely localised or can be global, or anything in between.  Searching is done by piggy-backing on Google " the interface does some smart things to make the use of advanced Google searching completely simple.

Weir expects exponential growth of ec3wd, and has strategies for handling traffic if the takeoff is even faster than he anticipates. The site is hosted in the USA, so don`t expect any Zimbabwean-style response times or outages.
Ec3wd stands for E-Commerce 3rd World.
Mr Alex Weir
Software Developer
http://www.cd3wd. com/contactus/