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Published:September 23rd, 2009 10:30 EST
Flip-Flops, iPods, Instant Messaging and the Phrase "Dude"

Flip-Flops, iPods, Instant Messaging and the Phrase "Dude"

By SOP newswire2

Defined by their use of flip-flops, iPods, Instant Messaging and the phrase "Dude," Gen Yers are bringing new methods of thinking, behaving, communicating and conducting business to the workplace

Y in the Workplace: Managing the Me First " Generation, " outlines the changes taking place in today`s businesses and corporations, and provides solutions to manage and develop Gen Y to become the next generation of leaders

A workplace shift is underway.  One that includes new methods of thinking, behaving, communicating and doing business as Generation Y continues to enter the workforce and influence corporate culture.
Y in the Workplace: Managing the Me First " Generation (Career Press, July 2009; ISBN13: 978-1601630711) defines the psychological, social, environmental and cultural influences that have shaped the generation, and discusses how the values, attitudes and expectations of Generation Y have had an impact, positively and negatively, on corporate environments, intergenerational functioning and management strategies.

With 73 million Gen Yers in the United States, the largest block since the 78 million baby boomers, company owners and managers are finding ways to adapt business practices as this generation has created its own unique workplace culture " and demands.
To help this generation successfully transition, while creating a shared vision, Y in the Workplace provides psychological insight into the character of Gen Yers as well as coaching strategies and solutions to enhance their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and reinforce their talents.
Y in the Workplace is a must-read " for managers, leaders of organizations, HR professionals and teachers working with Generation Y as it offers an in-depth look into why this generation is the way it is, and how to successfully integrate them into the workplace setting.
Nicole A. Lipkin, PsyD, MBA, is a business psychologist and executive and entrepreneurial coach.  She is the owner of Equilibria Coaching and Consultation Services, a business/organizational coaching and consultation firm and Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services, LLC, a group psychology practice, both based in Philadelphia. Nicole coaches and consults with leaders/executives, entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations and provides coaching and training services for Generation Y employees and those who manage them.  She is the co-author of Y in the Workplace: Managing the Me First " Generation ", released by Career Press in July, 2009.
For more information about the book, visit; and about Dr. Lipkin, visit