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Published:March 11th, 2010 10:46 EST
baby robot

Japanese Baby Robot: Spawn Of The Devil?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It giggles and wiggles its feet when you shake its rattle, but will get cranky and cry from too much tickling: Meet Yotaro, a Japanese robot programmed to be as fickle as a real baby.

baby robotThe cuddly baby-bot looks unearthly with a pair of luminous blue eyes and oversized cheeks, but engineering students are hoping it will teach young people the pleasures of parenting as Japan faces a demographic crisis.

Yotaro`s face, made of soft translucent silicon with a rosy hue, is backlit by a projector connected to a computer to simulate crying, sneezing, sleeping and smiling, while a speaker can let out bursts of baby giggles. Read More

Yotaro is the most diabolical and frightening invention in history, with its luminous eyes and oversized cheeks it`s guaranteed to make children scream, and adults wet their pants in horror.

The engineering students who are hoping this robot monstrosity will encourage Japanese to have babies are insane. Once these robotic spawn of Satan hit the shelves, the sales of condoms will go through the roof.

I`d rather play with a human baby that is vomiting, pooping and screaming, than hold a Yotaro for a second.

I care too much for my readers to post an image of this horrific bot; I don`t want to be responsible for driving anyone insane.

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