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Published:March 16th, 2010 16:40 EST

Facebook Edges Google In Site Visits

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Facebook topped Google to become the most visited U.S. Web site last week, indicating a shift in how Americans are searching for content.

facebookWeb analysis firm Experian Hitwise said Monday that the social networking site surpassed Google to take the No. 1 spot for the week ended March 13.

It shows content sharing has become a huge driving force online," said Matt Tatham, director of media relations at Hitwise.

`People want information from friends they trust, versus the the anonymity of a search engine.`" CNN.Money.Com

Google isn`t content to be the King of the Search Engines, the behemoth seeks to be King of the Internet. Google used to be a search engine, but now it`s also an eye in the sky (Google Earth), a library (Google Books), a Web browser (Google Chrome), an Instant Messaging Service (Google Talk), a think tank (Google Scholar), and a video sharing service (YouTube). Google has more products than Carter has pills.

Facebook topping Google for a week should be good news not only to Facebook, but to everyone who accesses the Internet. It`s not a good thing for a company to monopolize so many facets of the Internet.

A search engine is a search engine is a search engine. For those of us who don`t know an algorithm from a hole in the ground, there is no substantial difference between Google and Yahoo or any other search engine. I use Bing and Yahoo as often as I use Google, and I wish more people would do the same.

Google is a terrific company and I congratulate them on their success, but it`s not the only game in town. Yahoo and Bing will give you as much bang for the click. For the sake of healthy competition and fair play, we should stop using "google" as a verb.

Congratulations to Facebook for their milestone accomplishment, I wish them continued success!

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