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Published:May 21st, 2010 17:31 EST
Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man From Google!

Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man From Google!

By Tim Martin

Today PaC-Man turns 30 years old.

If you visit today, you will notice their logo looks like the classic 80`s arcade video game Pac-Man, but that`s not the best part...if you wait 10 seconds or click the "insert coin" button, you will discover that it is an interactive flash game with the original Pac-Man sounds and music!  It has 256 playable levels.  


You can also play 2 players simultaneously.  Simply click "insert coin" again.  At the end of the game the search engine will send you to a search results page for Pac-Man 30th anniversary".  Marcin Wichary Senior User Experience Design and Ryan Germick created the interactive logo.  The game will stay up for 48 hours.


Tim Martin is a Technology Specialist, Follow him on Facebook at or on Twitter @tsmartin. For more of Tim`s news articles and tech radio show, visit Do you have a story that needs told? Let Tim know!