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Published:May 2nd, 2006 08:56 EST

Less Is More I miss the way the world used to be

By Tina Marie Holewinski (Mentor/Columnist)

I miss the way the world used to be. Either how it really was or how I perceived it to be.  I miss the time when people cared, when people helped the poor, helped their neighbors " they took time to look outside themselves to make the world a better place.  Today, it seems like everyone`s after that next promotion, one more car, a new house, a different spouse, a quick fix, " another drink "


What really matters in the end?  No one`s going to remember who worked where, when, how much money you had, what you drove... but we will miss our mark, our calling in life, if we only focus on us " and never on the people around us. The more we help others, the more ALIVE we become.  I`m working on this area of my life.  Writing is very therapeutic for me, and it helps put things into perspective.  The only downer is that I wish I could type as fast as I think.  Sometimes I get so passionate about what I do, that I get overwhelmed with emotion, anxiety, because I sometimes feel like there`s no use " no hope " no one cares about what is happening to our United States of America and the world as a whole " but I KNOW there are people that miss what humanity used to be like.  I`m talking to YOU today!  DO NOT GIVE UP!  NEVER LOSE HOPE!  We need to stick together "  there are too many people hurting, searching, lost, in despair.  We can`t wait for others to pitch in to help, or just donate money and not time. 

There is so much corruption in the world, and our country of America, specifically " the more I research how organizations are run, who owns them, what their mission is, the more frustrated I get.  I LOVE knowledge, but it`s been hard for me to digest a lot of the information I`ve been uncovering over the last several years.  I`m an international speaker who exposes the lies of the media.  There`s so much more I want to say to the people I get the opportunity to address, but I`m hesitant to expose too much information in fear that someone or something will try to stop me.  I`ve realized that America does NOT stand for FREE SPEECH any longer.  We are conditioned (mainly through the media) what to believe, what to do, buy, how to act, what to wear, where to go, etc.  It`s like they think we aren`t smart enough to see the lies, the cover-up, the deception.  Slowly, but surely, the media desensitizes us with its imagery & messages.  What once was an R is now easily passed as a PG-13, for example.  Some people are so warped by what they see, that they don`t think outside the box. " 

There will be a lot of upcoming articles that will address many of the issues I`ve been researching over the last several years.  I will provide websites, books, etc. that I believe are not getting MEDIA attention, because they expose the lies of the media.  People who own and run a majority of what we see & hear on a daily basis.  The truth will be discovered, if WE-- each of us-- assume the responsibility to do the research " it won`t be easy, but it will be well worth it.  I tell people, when I travel throughout the world, that the only way we will be able to get the truth is to get it by word of mouth.

A little more info on who the heck I am.  I`m a farm girl from Pulaski, Wisconsin, who traveled over 2,000 miles shortly after my 20th birthday into the wild, wild west.  I wanted to be the next Julia Roberts, walk down the red carpet and say a few choice words " about what I think about Hollywood. "  If I only got my 15 minutes of fame (or just 1 minute, if they would shut me down), I wanted to speak my mind on the trash that this city is selling this country and the world as a whole, and open people`s eyes to the truth. Hollywood influences the WORLD with messages that are harmful, destructive, addictive and they have NO remorse about this.  I`ve realized first-hand that a majority of the celebrities I`ve met over the last 8 years working in film and TV shelter their own kids from the music, TV shows, and films they produce, but as long as they`re making the big bucks usually they don`t bat an eyelash at selling this lie to our youth, parents, and communities as a whole - enough is enough!!! 

I want to go back to a time when MacGyver was on the air, Muppets were a hit, Little House on the Prairie, Alf and Pac Man were fun, non-violent, non-p*nrnographic, non sex-saturated, non drug-addicted entertainment that made a person feel good about themselves and how they can have a positive impact in their city and society as a whole.  1985, please come back!!  People if you care about who you are and for the true FREEDOM of this country, please don`t be a bench warmer, but be PRO-ACTIVE and find an issue you`re passionate about and CREATE CHANGE for the better!  ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  It`s time to PAY IT FORWARD!

I look forward to writing a bi-weekly column for this amazing Student Operated Press and I welcome any suggestions @  I will do my best to provide you with information on your questions and topics you would like addressed in the upcoming months.  Go make a difference!