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Published:January 7th, 2009 10:56 EST
Transform Your Limited Thinking into Unlimited Thinking

Transform Your Limited Thinking into Unlimited Thinking

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

O` Brilliant One, this year you will become the sum total of everything that comes out of your mouth. I invite you to declare what the future will be instead of waiting for someone to declare it for you. This is your year to transform your limited thinking into unlimited thinking. This is your year to embrace an abundant mindset. This is your season to plant your feet, dig your heels, and decide to transform your world from the inside out.  

One of the greatest phenomena in the world is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. According to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, this cocooning process is an outer wrapping made by the caterpillar using silk produced by glands in the caterpillar`s mouth. Simply put, the caterpillar lives in what it spits out of its` mouth. Just chew on that thought for a moment!

Your mouth is the door that creates your future. Your words are the keys that unlock it. I have examined the lives of successful people through personal conversations and reading biographies. I have discovered that there is one common denominator among many of them, and I call it linguistic brilliance. They understand that words are seeds sown into the soil of the heart. Each day their thinking and behavior nurtures the seeds that have been sown. Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay, Inc.) said it best If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can`t, you`re right. 

I have discovered within the last twenty years that you will rise or fall based on the words that proceed from your mouth. Words are like magnets that pull situations, circumstances, and opportunities towards you. Instead of saying that you are experiencing a recession, perhaps you might say that you are expecting incredible possessions. This goes beyond physical possessions; I am talking about possessing your destiny, possessing your happiness, possessing your purpose, possessing a brilliant state of mind.

Perhaps your job has been repossessed. You showed up day after day, month after month, and year after year and gave your very best to a company, a person, an industry. Now, your security blanket has been taken from you when you least expected. I invite you to stop speaking about what happened and start speaking about what you expect, because the future is created in the present. When you arrive into the future you call it today, and everything that you said yesterday is ready to welcome you.

Let me remind you O` Brilliant One, you are a system consisting of a brain, a heart, a body and five senses. If you intend to transform your life, job or business, then I invite you to examine your speech. James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the research of the power of words. In his research, he states the way people think and write about events empowers them to reframe their emotions thus creating new meaning to the unfolding story of their life. "

Transformation (noun) happens from the inside out. Transform is a verb that first appeared in 1340 and it means to change in structure, shape or form. If what you are experiencing right now is not in alignment with what you see in your mind`s eye, then change your conversation. Your life will move in the direction of your most dominant conversation. If your conversation is full of doom, gloom, talking about the recession, discussing pending layoffs, worrying about how you are going to fund your business, retirement, and pay for college, then you will have more of the same. Think about it for a moment, we live in a word planet.

Simple as it may seem, there are numerous systems that exist because of words. Within every industry, and profession there exist the rules of engagement or standard operating procedures that consist of words. The legal system, financial system, healthcare system, social system, entertainment system just to name a few, use words, jargon and language to execute business.

Everything that shifts, moves, increases or decreases does so because we live in a word planet. I have decided that from today forward I am going to create my future by speaking to the future. I suggest that you do the same. Stop waiting for something to happen. Make something happen by opening your mouth speaking in the direction of where you intend to be this time next year. Where is your chutzpah? Open your mouth and say something. Samuel Taylor Coleridge said Silence does not always mark wisdom. On the flip side words can work against you if you let them.  What do you think might have happened if Debbi Fields listened to the naysayers who said A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides the market research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not soft and chewy cookies like you make. Nevertheless, Debi Fields went on to create a $500 million dollar company with 650 domestic locations and, over 65 international locations in 11 different countries.O` Brilliant One, I invite you to use words like a surgeon uses a knife, like a plumber uses a wrench, like a carpenter uses a hammer. Your words are the tools to release the brilliant potential in yourself and others. Your words become the tuning fork of the soul.

Every word carries a vibration that causes the soul of those listening to resonate at a higher frequency. Words are like a radio frequency that enables you to tune into the station of what is possible for you. Well, I need to bring this to a close but allow me to download some power statements into your heart drive. Your creative genius is one inch from your nose. Your breakthrough is one inch from your nose. Your career promotion is one inch from your nose. Your answer is one inch from your nose. Hope is one inch from your nose. Happiness is one inch from your nose.Success is one inch from your nose. Brilliance is one inch from your nose. Here are your Brilliant Implementation Steps:

Write a letter to yourself dated one year from today and describe where you intend to be. Write it in past tense as if it is already done.

 Delete from your heart drive the following: don`t, not, stop, can`t, won`t, should`ve, would`ve, and could`ve. 

Be slow to speak and quick to hear. My life was transformed the day I realized that transformation was just one inch from my nose.

I want you to experience the same O` Brilliant One. In 2009 you are going to be just fine. Do you believe it? Then repeat after me " Simon Says in 2009 I will be just fine. I love you and believe in you.

Simon`s Side bar
I am happy to announce that Rayo (a division of HarperCollins) has just published Release Your Brilliance in Spanish. It`s called Revela tu Brillo which means Reveal Your Brilliance. I am so excited and hope that you will tell all of your friends about it. You can order it at

What would you like to be inspired to do in 2009?

I am curious to find in what areas of your life do you need to be inspired? Is there a subject that you would like for me to focus on this year? Please e-mail me at and let me know. I will do my best to find opportunities to share relevant insights with you. Be blessed and believe me " you will be fine in 2009.