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Published:August 31st, 2009 12:28 EST

Generate and Distribute Love

By Devinder Sharma

Look around you and see the faces of people. Peer into their faces and read them. If you are honest you will find that there is a shortage of smiles, openness and economy of feelings. There is a serious shortage of love around in the world. It is in all countries and cities. Of course, there is a surfeit in books, movies, TV and other mass media. But, in the real world there is a shortage, an unmistakable shortage.


The effect of this shortage is reflected in relationships and in all relationships. It can be felt at home, in work places, in schools and colleges and playing fields. This deficit is between parents and children, between spouses, between colleagues and workers and superiors. We seem to be falling out of relationships or entering into new ones. There is suspicion and fear that makes our relationships fragile. Nothing seems lasting.


The foundation of relationships is mutual understanding and love and relationships thrive on respect and space to the actors involved. The highest expression in a relationship is to help the other actualize his or her potentials. When relationships are devoid of love the opposite happens, relationships suffocate and die. The reality is that if you do not have love within you how will you give that to someone else. This comes from loving yourself.


The other reality is that everyone claims of being blessed with a great reservoir of love and it is merely some action on their part to give to others. But, you and I know that if that was the case the world would be suffused with love but we know it is not so. Why do people go to movies and come out wiping their eyes? They have cried and spilt their tears because they are missing that love they saw on the screen and long for it in their lives. Producers and directors express love in their movies because they know the world as a love less place irrespective of country or religion or belief system.


There is a spiritual law that says that energy follows attention that when we concentrate sufficiently on a person, place, exchange or situation energy flows towards it. Also cosmic energy flows more into situations that are life positive and life supporting. It follows loving requires energy. Is there any method or technique by which we can increase the level of love within us. Below is a time tested technique that will help you to bubble with love: 



Sit alone with spine straight in any posture you are comfortable with. There is your heart consciousness an inch above your sternum and little to the left. It is believed that this region is the repository of love. Close your eyes and bring your attention to this region.


Feel love forming and flowing out touching everything in the room. Feel it overflowing.


As love gushes out feel its energy and the vibrations and now consciously direct your love towards those things within your room that you are particularly fond of.


Visualize the energy behind the love you are sending out. Feel the energy being the carrier of your packets of love.


Feel the peace, happiness and joy rising in you. Feel that the only sound in the silence is your happiness and joy.    


After enjoying this wondrous feeling direct your love, energy, happiness and joy towards your loved ones.


Now feel the love you are sending out after suffusing your loved ones is rebounding back at you and increasing the love within you.     


So far you have lived with the belief that love springs from outside " events, conditions, circumstances etc. and without someone in mind you are incapable of experiencing love. Now you are creating love and abundantly and spreading it with no requirement of response or anything in return. Feel love enclosing you as a bubble and you take it wherever you go. Give it liberally. Don`t feel shy. Don`t feel timid. Do not be self conscious. Do not be inhibited, share it distribute it.


Do it regularly every day so that you are creating and giving love spontaneously.  Let it become your nature.


You will attract people and be happy all the time and everywhere.


Caution: Be genuine.