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Published:November 1st, 2007 11:19 EST
TSA Comment on DHS FBI Security Bulletin

TSA Comment on DHS FBI Security Bulletin

By SOP newswire

While TSA will not comment on the content of the joint DHS/FBI bulletin, we know that shoes continue to be a concern and that is why removing shoes remains part of TSA security protocol. We recognize that shoe removal at the checkpoint is a pain point for the public, however it remains a legitimate security concern.

The For Official Use Only (FOUO) bulletin that was publicized in the media is part of our routine information sharing. This particular bulletin characterizes plots where shoe bombs were involved and reminds local law enforcement and security partners to remain vigilant. Information sharing with the law enforcement and intelligence communities is a key aspect of TSA`s daily operational approach.

There is no specific, credible threat related to this information.

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