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Published:December 27th, 2008 10:09 EST

Worst Idea Of 2008: Karaoke Machine At Airport

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ho-ho-ho, hold that flight. There`s a holiday surprise for travelers - and aspiring performers - passing through Houston`s Bush Intercontinental Airport this month.

There it is, just past the security checkpoint, set atop a small stage: a karaoke machine adorned with Christmas lights and stockings shaped like cowboy boots. There`s even a team of Christmas elves - airport employees the rest of the year."

The Associated Press

I can`t carry a tune and I wouldn`t subject even my worst enemy to my renditions of popular tunes. That`s why I limit my singing to the shower where only my unfortunate cats can hear me.

I`m not a masochist, and I avoid karaoke bars like the plague. Why would I subject myself to an environment teeming with drunks and folks who can`t sing?

After standing in line forever for my luggage to be checked in, and having a guard pat me down, all I want is a little peace and quiet as I wait to board my plane.

The last thing an airport needs is a karaoke stage. I`d rather undergo a body cavity search by a TSA agent, than be forced to hear strangers croon off-key renditions of pop hits.

I will never book a flight that includes a layover at Houston`s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Karaoke at an airport is a bad, bad idea.