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Published:July 17th, 2010 12:41 EST
draft beer

All Nippon Airways Offers Draft Beer At $11.30 Per Glass

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Japan`s All Nippon Airways announced it Friday it will become the first airline in the world to offer draft beer in-flight beginning Tuesday.

The airline said the draft beer will cost about $11.30 per glass and 20 cups will be available on each domestic flight, except Tokyo to Okinawa flights, which will have 40 glasses, the Japan Probe reported Friday." UPI

draft beer

A glass of freshly poured draft beer tastes a lot better than a can of beer, but at $11.30 per glass I think I will pass. At that steep price by the time you develop a beer buzz, you will have spent your children`s college education fund.

All Nippon Airways is elitist, they should offer the draft beer at a price that everybody can afford. If a working Joe is sitting next to a businessman who is guzzling one draft beer after another while he sips from a can of beer, we might witness an act of air rage.

But I commend All Nippon Airways for thinking outside the box, and trying to make flying a more comfortable experience for their customers.

Flying is such a nightmare experience that every passenger should be entitled to a free glass of draft beer.

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