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Published:May 29th, 2006 13:22 EST
Come and go, but Charmed will be forever in syndication

Come and go, but Charmed will be forever in syndication

By Garrett Godwin

For years, the Halliwell women have been known as the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches that fight evil and save the innocent.  This season, they were retired-- or were they?

Season eight follows Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo deciding to take a stab at having demon-free lives.  But as usual, it's not so easy when you're Charmed.  This season has been a creative challenge because it focused more on the sisters' personal lives while still keeping the supernatural elements that make Charmed so good.  Another is Brian Krause written out of the show after the first half of the season, but thanks to executive producer Brad Kern and you, the fans, Leo returned for the two-part finale, to where he belongs-- with Piper.

Kaley Cuoco joined the cast as Bille Jenkins, a young woman under the guidance of the Charmed Ones about witchcraft and the good fight.  She found her long-lost sister Christy, who had dark plans for her younger sibling. 

Though season eight was the last, Charmed, it has become the longest-running series that has several female leads, following Laverne & Shirley (1976-83). 

The two-part finale featured the ultimate sisterly battle between the Halliwells (The Charmed Ones) and the Jenkins (The Ultimate Power).  But it was also the redemption of Billie, who had to make a difficult yet resolute choice in the end. 

"Forever Charmed" marks the return of fan favorites such returning General Hospital alum Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell), James Read (Victor Halliwell), and Drew Perry (Chris Perry Halliwell) -- the entire Charmed legacy of the past, present, and future.  After eight years, Phoebe Halliwell has finally found love with of all people, Cupid (Victor Webster), also known as "Coop".

Though the finale has shown the entire Halliwell history-- from the Charmed Ones to Leo to their marriages to their children to their grandchildren and so on -- there are some flaws, besides Shannon Doherty not returning to Charmed for the finale. 

We never knew what really happened to Billie, other than the fact that she baby-sits Phoebe's children in the future.  She is such a great character and potential heroine, which she should have her own show so that we would know what has happened to her following Christy's death that led her to where she is now in the future. 

The second flaw is Lt. Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory) not being written nor included in the finale.  He has been much an integral part of both Charmed and the lives of the Halliwell family.  We should also know what has happened to him and his family since moving to the East Coast.
But all in all, "Forever Charmed" has been very good.  It had action, suspense, comedy, drama, romance, and more-- the ingredients that makes Charmed work. 

Like Prue (Shannon Doherty), the Charmed legacy will live on in DVDs and in syndication.

The Power of Three will set us free-- now and forever.