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Published:July 21st, 2006 15:50 EST
The Talk Stops Here for Soap Talk

The Talk Stops Here for Soap Talk

By Garrett Godwin

After four years of being the Regis and Kelly for soap opera fans, Soap Talk will come to an end.  Debuted on the SoapNet cable channel in 2002, the show was hosted by former daytime stars Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie, Days) and Ty Treadway (ex-Colin/ex-Troy, One Life to Live).  It has been nominated for 12 Daytime Emmys, including Outstanding Talk Show. 

"It's been a great run and all of us here at SoapNet are very proud of Soap Talk, its 12 Daytime Emmy nominations and the incredible staff for their role in developing, creating and making this show work week after week", stated Deborah Blackwell of SoapNet.  "We also thanked our hosts, Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway, for their constant professionalism and charm.  Soap Talk will remain a part of our schedule at 11am, 4pm and midnight and [Season's 4 remaining 28] new episodes will continue to roll out through the fall."

What makes Soap Talk from any other daytime talk show is that you get to see daytime stars such as Deidre Hall (Marlena, Days) as well as stars from primetime like 24's Roger Cross.  Another is that fans can to meet and interview their favorite daytime actors.  Next, people from Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly, and talent manager Michael Bruno (I Want to be a Soap Star, also on SoapNet) gives us the latest in the world of soap operas.  That is why it is called Soap Talk.

Despite giving SoapNet great press and having a loyal fan following, ratings for Soap Talk weren't good enough to bring the show back for a fifth season.  The cancellation surprised everyone.

"As far as my feelings go", said Treadway, "I was definitely surprised and bummed.  I thought the show was doing well.

But Treadway, who is now hosting American Idol Extra, remained happy of Soap Talk's success.

"We stayed on the air for four years and [through] 12 Emmy nominations.  I'm proud of what we've accomplished", he said.

According to Treadway, there was never "any backstage drama" between him and co-host Lisa Rinna.

"Lisa and I had a great working relationship and a great friendship", stated the 39-year-old.  "We just communicated if anything came up."

For four years, Soap Talk has helped General Hospital and Days of Our Lives celebrate 40 years of being on the air in 2003 and last year.  Recently, Lisa and Ty also helped As the World Turns celebrate its 50th anniversary, and launched The Young & the Restless on SoapNet.  Except ATWT, both GH and Days are also on SoapNet.

Soap Talk also had memorable guest hosts, but my favorite has to be the sexy One Life to Live fan favorite Catherine Hickland (Lindsay).  I enjoyed her and Ty again on Soap Talk because I love Troy and Lindsay on One Life.  These two have such intense sexual tension and great chemistry on the soap, and still have that chemistry on Soap Talk.  As much as I love Lisa and Ty, Ty and Catherine are even better.

"Soap Talk was a fun, happy environment", said Treadway.  "It'll be very missed."

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