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Published:July 23rd, 2006 15:29 EST
Blade stakes his way to Spike TV

Blade stakes his way to Spike TV

By Garrett Godwin

He has fought their god and even took on the First known as Dracula in the big screen.  Now, the Daywalker continues his fight against evil in the Motor City known as Detroit on the small screen on Spike TV in Blade: The Series.

Kirk "Sticky" Jones replaces Wesley Snipes as the title character, which picks up after Blade: Trinity (2004), the final film installment, left off.  However, for those of you not familiar with Blade, here is the story.

Blade is half-human, half-vampire, whose mother was bitten by a vampire when she was pregnant with him.  She died, but he live.  The good news is that Blade has all the strengths of a vampire but none of its weaknesses, hence it is why he is the Daywalker.  The bad news is that he has their thirst, which he keeps it in control with his serums.  Trained by his mentor Whistler, Blade lives only on killing as many vampires as he can that preys on the innocent.

In Blade: The Series, Blade have two new allies in the war: Shen (Nelson Lee), weapons expert and Blade's lookout, and Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), a young woman out to avenge her brother's death.  In the pilot, she was turned into a vampire by the House of Chthon, headed by Marcus (Neil Jackson).  However, in the end, she decides to be part of the good guys, working against Marcus on the inside and the trio set out to keep humanity safe from him and the House of Chthon.

The series has got a lot of potential because it still keeps in touch with the character Blade, whose only purpose is to get rid of all vampires in the world, no matter how long it takes.  Another is that the show is developing Blade more and hopefully the other characters in the long run.  Blade: The Series has a long way to go, but it shows promise and good to watch if you're tired of Law & Order and CSI:NY reruns on Wednesday nights at 10pm.

Want your summer nights even better?  Bite into Blade on Spike TV.

Sun's down.  Time to make some new friends- The Daywalker