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Published:August 14th, 2006 08:44 EST
Just Legal is Back for a Trial Run on The WB Network

Just Legal is Back for a Trial Run on The WB Network

By Garrett Godwin

On the small screen, attorneys are either prosecuting criminals (Law & Order), defending them (The Practice), or exonerating them and bringing the true guilty to justice (short-lived, brilliant InJustice).  Now, mix the legal and the buddy genres together, you got Just Legal.  The show aired on the now-defunct WB (now the CW) in September 2005 and was cancelled after three episodes.  It starred TV icon Don Johnson and rising newcomer Jay Baruchel.  Now, you get a chance to see it again with episodes that didn't air during the fall every Sunday night at 7pm.

Just Legal follows David "Skip" Ross (Baruchel), a young man who is definitely a law prodigy.  But because he is 19, Skip can't work at any prominent law firm in California.  So, he takes a job working for Grant Cooper (Johnson).  Once known for fighting for the innocent and champion of justice, he has now fallen from grace.  Together, this unlikely pair takes on the cases that no one wants, defending those that people have forgotten.  As Skip and Coop take on these challenging cases, they begin to challenge each other along the way as this unlikely pair help one another grow and mature.

Just Legal is a great, light-hearted comedy-drama that didn't get a chance to not only find an audience, but also never had a chance to shine.  Like Everwood, this show should have gotten an execution of stay and made it on the CW schedule this fall.  Instead, it was found guilty prematurely without given a chance to prove its case.  But now, thanks to the WB, Just Legal has given a short reprieve on every Sunday night before Charmed with brand new episodes that was never shown during its brief stint on Monday nights last year. Meet L.A. new dream team: Skip Ross and Grant Cooper, as they fight for justice and the underdog on Just Legal on Sunday nights on the still-WB Network.