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Published:November 18th, 2006 03:23 EST
Luke & Laura turns 25 on General Hospital

Luke & Laura turns 25 on General Hospital

By Garrett Godwin

In the year 1981, there were two highly watched weddings. There was the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady turned Princess Diana.

And there was General Hospital's Luke & Laura.

It was on this day, November 16, 1981, that the pair that defines the term super couple on daytime television got married in Port Charles.  And today, 25 years later, Luke & Laura will not only remarry, but also renew their vows and eternal love for one another.

The 1981 wedding of Luke & Laura was seen by over 30 million people.  Despite their controversial past (Laura was raped by Luke), you couldn't deny the instant onscreen chemistry between Anthony Geary and Genie Francis.  Though there have been super couples over the years before Luke & Laura on daytime soaps, no other couple like this duo put the "super" in "super couple".

For over two decades, we have seen Luke & Laura, loving on the run from enemies such as Frank Smith and the Cassadine clan as well as going on adventures with Luke's friend, heroic crime fighter Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers).  Most of all, we have been there as they got divorced on their 20th anniversary in 2001.  But no matter what, Luke & Laura have always found their way back to each other.

Jason & Elizabeth was not the only couple we have been waiting for this year on General Hospital.  After four years, Luke & Laura will reconnect and pledge their eternal devotion in front of family and friends once again. 

Thanks to the late, great Gloria Monty and Luke & Laura, General Hospital redefine the daytime genre with stories that had action/adventure, mystery/crime/suspense, drama, humor, and incredible romance as it became the biggest daytime soap of the 1980s and one of the all-time greats. 

Without Luke & Laura, there probably would not have been any super couples such as Days of Our Lives' Bo & Hope, who is the show's own Luke & Laura.

Don't miss the second wedding on General Hospital today on ABC.  If you miss and/or want to see it again, catch it tonight and/or on Sunday afternoon on SOAPnet.

Feel the love of the super couple of all super couples known as Luke & Laura.