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Published:March 21st, 2007 09:35 EST
Storm Front: Original Beginning of Harry Dresden

Storm Front: Original Beginning of Harry Dresden

By Garrett Godwin

Brought to life on the SCIFI Channel in January, The Dresden Files is a small screen adaptation based on a series of books from author Jim Butcher.  The series follows private investigator and wizard Harry Dresden solving crimes and fighting the forces of darkness on the streets of the Windy City known as Chicago.

The episode, "Storm Front", was originally supposed to be the series opener, but SCIFI did not have a timeslot to fill it in, so "Birds of a Feather" became the first episode.

"Storm Front" may confuse the audience, but this episode is a prequel because it has helped us to know everything we need to know about The Dresden Files such as the powerful yet shadowy High Council.  It was also originally the first time Harry used his magic staff in the form of a hockey stick.  Though the character Bob was not in the pilot, the heart of this episode and the series is the main protagonist Harry Dresden.

"Storm Front" truly introduces us to Harry Dresden as a man haunted by his past and cursed by his powers.  He is a reluctant hero fighting not just the darkness that is out there in the world, but the darkness that is forever within him.  Harry Dresden justs want to be a normal guy living a normal life; he does not want to save the world, but he knows that he is the only one who can.

Watch as The Dresden Files continue to be open to viewers every Sunday night at 9pm, and catch an encore at 11pm on the SCIFI Channel.