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Published:May 21st, 2007 09:22 EST
If only I could be on ABC's Dancing with the Stars--  Is it possible for this old gal?

If only I could be on ABC's Dancing with the Stars-- Is it possible for this old gal?

By Carolee Kaufold

When I was ten, I told my parents I wanted to dance on Broadway. Therefore, my mom sent me to dancing school. I tapped and learned ballet. I could run down the hall and jump over the sofa. I could spin in the air. I looked pretty cute in a tutu. However, I really wasn't that great of a dancer.

In High School, I danced at every school dance. I even won contests with my boyfriends. That was when the 60's music was fun to dance to. I still wanted to dance on Broadway, but I was reminded I could not sing at all.

IĀ married a non-dancer, so I taught my sons to dance; they were in High School plays. In "West Side Story," my son Jerry was the cop. In "Damn Yankees," Jerry, Lee, Thom and even five-year-old Jonathan were in it. I was the only mom in the district who could say that.

Now I am 63 and "Dancing with the Stars" makes me want to dance again. I could be Cheryl Burke dancing my heart out with Joey Fatone. Joey even looks like he is my son. I could jive, cha cha cha, and waltz. I would look darling in the outfits. Well, maybe if they came in Queen Size. I could lose weight fast. I would wear those high heels and spin and jump again.

Dance shows make me smile. "So You Think You Can Dance" is coming back on Fox again this month. I could try out, I suppose, if old ladies were invited to do so. You would see me breakdance, jazz and free dancing to my hearts content. I could wear sweat pants, a backward baseball hat, and high top sneakers.

Would my sons even acknowledge that I was there? I don't think so. They prefer I dream about it. Maybe THEY would be the only ones in the country who could say that I was on a dance show.

I still love dancing and even dance at the computer, while I am writing. I listen to 60's music still and sing at the top of my lungs. No one can hear me at this end of the house. I am one happy gal, my tap shoes and me.